About Us

Tung Yat Securities Limited is established in 2017, formed by a group of high calibers, cherishing the hope to develop in Hong Kong and China. We provide financial services and related services including stockbroking and internet trading to our clients. Our clients mainly include individuals and corporations in Asian Pacific region. 

Tung Yat strives to provide the most convenient, efficient, professional financial services in full range. In order to provide better services, we keep on integrating in trading system, settlement system and other equipment, we also provide training to our staff, so as to give appropriate investment opinion and latest market information to the clients. 

Tung Yat Securities Limited (an Exchange Participant of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited) is licensed with the Securities and Futures Commission as a corporation for processing on regulated activity of dealing in securities (CE number: BNC519). We provide internet trading services in Hong Kong apart from our traditional stockbroking services. With our experiences in stockbroking business in Hong Kong, we aim at offering clients with efficient order executions, secure trading platforms, reliable system performances and excellent customer services.